LinkHouse Rio’s Philosophy

  • We believe in a diffrent way of Tourism, where people get envolved with the place, conecting their cultures to create new stories.
  • We chose Wonderful City for its magic balance between the hosting people, its natural beauty, and the resources of a great city.
  • With honesty and efficiency, we facilitate negotiations for the meeting of responsible and happy people.

LinkHouse Rio born from the union between two ex-coleagues on a Hotel: André brought the expertise in Tourism and Hotel management while Mauricio contributed the sensitivity of a Social Communicator to read a change on the current paradigm of tourism. Toguether they enterpise with the Mission of "To provide an original experience for visitors to Rio de Janeiro, with great cost / benefit and a closer relationship with customers."

Thus, thinking about the starting point for a good relationship between the travelers and the city, André and Mauricio created a Network of Residential Accommodations. Since the year 2015, LinkHouse Rio has been acting as a Hospitality and Tourism Agency, receiving people from all over the world with diffrent interests and need. Nowadays, with a professional trip that reflects the great hosting spirit fo the Carioca people. We work daily with the idea of well receive, to receive more times.

With the Vision of "being a reference in hosting for residents and tourists in Rio de Janeiro, "LinkHouse is in continuous expansion, expanding its portfolio of Properties and adding value to the meaning of Hospitality, both for its guests And for their partners.

What about you, want to be part of this experience?

Your travel starts here!!

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